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Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner's Certificate (RAMPC)



CASA allow for an additional medical standard called the Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate that allows appropriately licenced pilots to exercise the privileges of the recreational pilot licence without the requirement to hold a CASA Class 2 medical. The Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate is based on a modified unconditional driver’s licence medical certificate for a private motor vehicle.


To qualify for the exemption, pilots must register online with CASA (which must be acknowledged by CASA), and renew, a modified form of unconditional private motor vehicle driver licence medical certificate known as a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate issued by a medical practitioner


The exemption only applies to an eligible person in an eligible operation. An eligible operation is limited to a day V.F.R. operation in Australia in an aircraft that is not:

(a)  rocket-powered or turbine-powered; or

(b)  a multi-engine aircraft; or

(c)  greater than 1 500 kg maximum take-off weight (MTOW).

(d)  flying at or above 10000ft amsl

(e)  performing aerobatics

(f)   a commercial pilot (eg instructor)

(g)  more than 1 passenger.


2.Download the CASA Guidance and Forms.


3.Book yout appointment at The Brisbane AvMed Centre specifying it is for a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner's Certificate.


4.Ask your GP to fax a current summary of your medical history to The Brisbane AvMed Centre to arrive prior to your appointment.


5.Attend the appointment (with supporting documents) and if you pass you will receive your Medical Certificate  (if you do not you can proceed to a Class 2 Medical and a CASA verdict)


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